Interactive dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

Indian stock market is flooded with research reports for stock recommendations and price forecasting. Investors are habituated for directions and dependent to some extent on this research reports for taking decisions for investments in stock market.

In other words we can say either small time investors buy stock market tips from sell side experts our are incentivized  by brokerage houses by sharing research reports  to trade with them so that they  can earn brokerage.

As StockAnts is a crowdsourced platform for share market tips and having enough data to generate analytics. We have made interactive dashboards  based on data shared by StockAnts onboarded experts wherein experts are ranked based  5 metrics- ROI, Accuracy, Success rate , live recommendation and total recommendations .

Top stocks

Interactive dashboards by StockAnts provides top stocks on platform , which gives data of which stocks are recommended maximum by experts on platform.

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Top sectors

StockAnts provides top sectors on platform based on the stock market recommendation shared by onboarded experts. Do check out our flash card details for each expert, each stock and each sector.

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