StockAnts Terms
  • What is the difference between verified users and non-verified users?
    StockAnts users can sign up in 2 ways, as an individual or company . If sign up done as individual, then user profile will be displayed with individual name but if sign up done through corporate id then user profile will be displayed as company and can be tracked as employee of the company All users providing estimates on the StockAnts platform have a verified email address and phone number through an OTP process. Experts regulated by statute also provide their unique registration details. Ranking and Rating are however, based on performance on the platform only.
  • How is an individual user different from a corporate user?
    Individual and Corporate Users are considered equal when it comes to performance benchmarking on the platform. However, Corporate Users can utilise the platform for benchmarking internal participants.
  • What problem StockAnts is solving?
    Access to paid databases are expensive and need specific training, giving information advantage to only a few. Further, web searches for price estimates lead to various sources like brokers, financial advisors, finance media and technical analytics but none offer tools to verify performance of such sources and their estimates over a longer period of time.
  • What benefit from contributing to StockAnts?
    Contributors to the StockAnts platform receive free access to view our data in return for their honest contribution. StockAnts manages the honesty and quality of contributions via several machine learning algos and statistical methods. StockAnts ranks users, providing them with an easy way to store, benchmark, measure accuracy and compare other players accuracy also. Market experts can prove their expertise for particular stock, particular sector, compare their accuracy with other players in the market and showcase their expertise by sharing the same in their community and increase their client base. As all the contributions by market experts to StockAnts platform will be displayed on www.stockants.com , User on StockAnts can also check market experts accuracy and expertise and FOLLOW. User can share and track the market expert for particular stock, particular sector, particular period. This will lead to more client base for market experts.
  • How much should Market expert contribute?
    In order to generate meaningful metrics, at least 12 estimates per Week, Month and Quarter are suggested. Highly ranked Users on average cover between 50-60 stocks within a sector, and may cover multiple sectors. However, consistency of giving estimates for same stock, same sector and same target period is very important
  • Where will the users shared/published price estimates displayed?
    User can share/publish their price estimates as per StockAnts give recommendation format. Recommendations shared can be self tracked by user on user dashboard ,analytics of estimate in My dashboard section and can see overall ranking on StockAnts performers Dashboard. Other StockAnts community members can checkout the price estimates in expert section with user name
  • How many times Markets experts have chance to change their forecasted estimates?
    Estimates shared by Market experts are based on market sentiments in short term period which can lead to changes because of many reasons. StockAnts allows Market experts to change their forecasted estimates- (timeline- cannot change for week – e.g if week result will be on Friday closing, then cannot change estimates post Thursday closing Estimates change for month – e.g if month results will be 4th week of a month, then market expert cannot change estimates post 3rd week closing of the month Estimates change for quarter –e.g if quarter results will be last week of quarter, then market expert cannot change estimates post 10th week results What if I become an active user from inactive user on StockAnts platform, will I get my data? StockAnts maintains each users past data track and record. You can any time reach to us at admin@stockants.com for your past data and we shall be happy to onboard you and share you rpast data.
  • I have other questions not answered here
    Feedback is an extremely important part of our product and business development process, so please don’t be shy about providing it (whether good, bad, or indifferent). For general feedback please email admin@stockants.com.
  • How is Accuracy calculated?
    StockAnts considers Success Rate as means of achieving the target within the chosen time frame. However, as the market is dynamic, we consider the Actual results to arrive at the Accuracy, which is also indicative of potential gains or lost opportunities. All conservative and aggressive estimates can be spotted from our Accuracy charts. If the estimate is provided for a Week and the target is achieved in 3 days but market actual price will comparison will be reflected on Friday post market closes. So if target price shared is 70RS but market actual price for review period is 90 , then excess return is untapped return which is an error rate/lost opportunity.
  • How is Success rate calculated?
    Success at StockAnts is defined as achievement of the target price within the chosen time frame. We recommend to use the Success Rate along with the Accuracy for a true evaluation of performance. If CMP is 100/- and your estimate for the week is 115/-, then your Success Rate is 100% the moment the price reaches 115/- during the week.
  • Why is my Accuracy lower even at 100% Success Rate?
    Success Rate measures achievement of target price of self, whereas Accuracy measures the estimates with Actual Market performance.
  • What are AntEstimates and how it is calculated?
    AntEstimates represent the collective view or consensus of the market based on the various estimates provided by the investor community. The data cleansing algorithms weed out frivolous estimates and utilise the normalised data to arrive at the market consensus.
  • What is the open window to share price estimate?
    Investors can provide estimates for Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly price expectations. All estimates are open after Market hours on a Friday and Close after Market hours on a Thursday for the relevant time period. Market holidays are adjusted for in these time periods. StockAnts platform displays which period is open for sharing recommendation
  • How to read a performance wheel? (StockAnts terms)
    Performance is measured by two critical parameters, Success Rate on achieving the target estimate provided and Accuracy based on the variance of the estimates from the Actual Market prices at the end of the estimate period (Week/ Month/ Quarter). The Performance Wheel indicates the achievement of target in number of days and the potential to achieve more returns over the estimate period. Recommendation status in performance wheel depicts target achieved, target not achieved, recommendation updated, recommendation closed, and live recommendation
  • What is the difference between total recommendation and live recommendations?
    Recommendations are considered ‘live’ the target is not achieved or till the elapse of the time period for which the estimate is provided for. For example, estimates for a Week are considered ‘live’ till the close of market hours on a Thursday and compared with the actual results on a Friday or till the target is achieved Total Recommendations are a sum of all estimates that have achieved their time periods and those that are still ‘live’.
  • How have you defined short term?
    StockAnts considers Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly estimates as Short Term. Investors can provide estimates for a period of Six Months under this category. StockAnts allows sharing recommendation for short term – current week, current month, current quarter, next quarter. Any target period above 6 months will be considered as long term
  • How is ROI calculated?
    StockAnts provides ROI calculations for portfolios above 6 stocks/minimum 6recommendations. We utilise a Time Weighted Return to make estimates over various time periods comparable. If the estimate is provided for a Week and the target is achieved in 3 days, then we use 3 days to calculate the ROI to reflect the performance.
  • How is Rating done?
    The rationale for rating at StockAnts is to provide the investors a mechanism to draw investment decisions based on Annualised ROI calculated for individual estimates. Rating stars are based on Annualise ROI in decile format spread over highest to lowest.
  • How is Ranking done?
    StockAnts considers a multi-factor model to ‘Rank’ contributors to provide confidence to the investors. The Ranking process at StockAnts is to make the estimates of various participants across timelines more comparable and to benchmark performance. Success Rate and Accuracy are further evaluated based on consistency of estimates, frequency of providing estimates on the platform, number of stocks in the portfolio amongst others. The Ranking process is driven by powerful Machine Learning algorithms to cleanse the data for frivolous entries and capture the sentiments of the serious contributors only. Returns on portfolio of stocks is used as a key parameter adjusted for risk, timelines and other critical aspects impacting returns.
  • Why is my name not displayed on Rank board?
    Ranking is based on a minimum number of stock estimates to make a meaningful portfolio to analyse returns. Other parameters like accuracy, success rate that imbibe confidence are pre-requisites for being considered for Ranking. StockAnts reviews the Ranking parameters on a continuous basis and participants meeting the criteria are included in the Ranking as and when the thresholds are triggered.
  • Which index are you using for benchmarking?
    StockAnts uses BSE 500 as a broad index for benchmarking performance on the platform. We also use sectoral and other indices to reflect the uniqueness of performance markers.
  • What is StockAnts Lite Plan?
    StockAnts Lite plan is a free plan. Benefits – Publish recommendations and get real-time tracking, get data insights based on performance metrics in simple visualization format, access to the latest 5 recommendations from market experts for the short term and long term.
  • What is StockAnts Premium?
    StockAnts Premium plan is access to market expert’s recommendations with insightful real-time tracking. StockAnts premium includes all benefits of StockAnts Lite plus unlimited access to market experts recommendations and real-time tracking with more than 20 filters, Unrestricted access to market experts dashboards and StockAnts performers with data insight based on performance metrics.
  • What is StockAnts Pro?
    StockAnts Pro plan is using StockAnts as a digital store for sharing research data with your clients/community/ groups. StockAnts Pro plan includes all benefits of StockAnts premium plus sharing access to your research data with insightful analytics to your clients/community/groups, bulk recommendation upload facility, single click and share on social media plugins, In trend Stocks newsletter to help you rank higher on StockAnts and users details who have visited your research.