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StockAnts is a marketplace for stock price estimates.
Sell side market experts and buy side investors/traders can contribute to platform and unlock stock market sentiment .

1.Internal team tracking- common dashboard for team

2.Admin Control Panel- controlled data display for your clients and data to be displayed on StockAnts platform

3.Client communication via notification, email and sms

4.Unlimited csv data download

5.Company ad space

6.Automated company price estimate upload

7.StockAnts platform  API integration with Company platform for company clientle access ease- automated company client onboarding for company data access

8.Higher commission sharing for CSV data sharing- 50-50


Earn from StockAnts-
1. Contribute your price estimates
2. StockAnts will share revenue with you, based on earnings from your data downloaded by other StockAnts user.
3. We encourage companies/research house/brokers/ analyst/students to onboard StockAnts as stockmarket expert and prove their expertise

Connect with us for B2B partnership.
Partner with StockAnts to exchange API and help the business grow

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