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About Us

StockAnts is a marketplace for price estimates. StockAnts sources price estimates every day from analysts, brokers, investors and new insights from amateurs to produce a wide spectrum of market views to enable better trade decisions for the Community


Publish your price estimates across sectors and stocks in easy to use formats for both short term and long term investments. Review, Benchmark and Share your performance with your network.


Track performance of your price estimates in a near real time basis with updated prices every 15 minutes.


Analyze & Review your performance and Benchmark with 
other users and indices on parameters like ROI, Accuracy & Success Rate.

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Features We Provide

Covered in these areas

Participate as stock market expert

Prove your stock market expertise by forecasting stock market prices. Publish recommendation and get free tracking


 Unlocked antestimate- Unlock crowdsourced price estimate and forecasted market sentiment by contributing as stock market expert

Track record

Validate and track your price estimates and benchmark self with other experts in market

Market expert price estimates

Get access to detailed tracking and analytics of price estimates from sell side experts and buy side investors. 

360 degree

Stock market research recommendation tracking-Stock Market 360 degree view for price estimates, trending stock and sectors.  

Group logins and co dashboard feature

Groups can share price estimates and track each other with co dashboard based on data visualization and deep analytics.

Become Partner

StockAnts is a marketplace for stock price estimates. Sell side market experts and buy side investors/traders can contribute to platform and unlock stock market sentiment .

Earn from StockAnts

Contribute your price estimates and Earn from StockAnts

How can StockAnts help?

Benefits to Retail investors

  • Choose service providers, brokers | advisors backed on performance records
  • Validate investment tips from various sources
  • Benefit from Group Wisdom on investment ideas
  • Set alerts for Stop Loss and Profit Booking for stress free investment
  • Identify business opportunities based on self performance and followership
  • Interact and be part of a vibrant investor community

Benefits to Retail investors

Benefits for Research Analysts

  • Create an online presence through a digital marketplace
  • Collaborate with other market players and service providers
  • Benchmark and Track performance
  • Enhance Customer Engagement with SA powered analytics Dashboards
  • High ROI on marketing spend with low cost of customer acquisition
  • Plug and Play model for easy and quick adoption

Benefits for Research Analysts

Benefits to fund house

  • Discover stock ideas not covered by existing research houses 
  • Identify new service providers backed with performance track records
  • Identify new talent for recruitment needs

Benefits to fund house

Benefits to student community

  • Validate investment theories with mock portfolios
  • Validate assumptions using performance dashboards
  • Showcase talent and reach out to marketplace for opportunities
  • Become a student entrepreneur by exploring ideas in the stock market
  • Interact with various market players and gain insights

Benefits to student community

Benefits for brokerage houses

  • Create an online broker store with internal tracking and client communication
  • Develop customized dashboards for internal performance analytics
  • Improve regular reach out to customers through SA powered market analytics 
  • Discover new ideas and share insights
  • Bench mark and track performance – sectors/ stocks
  • Market insights for new product development and market outreach 
  • High ROI on marketing spend with low cost of customer acquisition
  • Plug and Play model for easy and quick adoption

Benefits for brokerage houses

Did you know that

StockAnts tracks BSE500 stock price estimates.

StockAnts aggregates stock price estimates from analysts to amateurs, sell side and buy side to give a direction to the market. StockAnts covers more than 360 stocks, 90 sectors for Indian Stock Market.

Checkout Stock market tips which are live and recommended by experts in the market. We give full tracking of price estimates performance and potential with deep analytics and simple visual format


Checkout what Stock Market Experts are suggesting

StockAnts aggregates stock price estimates and helps to give market a direction.

Top Recommended Stocks and Top Recommended Sectors on StockAnts platform are displayed in infographic format.

  1. Track stocks 
  2. Track sectors
  3. Track experts
  4. Try StockAnts 360 degree Rank-board with aggregated data of recommended stocks, sectors and experts

    Tracked Experts

    Stock Market Quotes

    • Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is
      when no one else is. You can’t buy what is popular and do well.

      Warren Buffett
    • By the time any view becomes a majority view, it is no longer the best view: somebody will
      already have advanced beyond the point which the majority have reached.

      Friedrich Hayek
    • Liquid markets are, by definition, traded by a large crowd of traders. Although it is nearly impossible to
      determine what a single trader will do, it is possible to determine the statistical probability of what a large crowd
      of traders will do. Mass crowd psychology comes into play, the result of mass human emotion as it swings from
      fear to hope, and back again.”  Rich

      Rich Swannell


    We are a bunch of CFA’s and MBA’s with complementary skills and world view on finance